#4 Sherlock Holmes: The Powder Room

Given the nature and reputation of Sherlock Holmes one would expect to find many more examples of hidden rooms and other intriguing nooks and crannies in this and the subsequent movie but, alas, this is just about all we get. There is a stereotypical safe behind a picture frame found in Sherlocks’ office but it comes and goes so quickly that I didn’t see fit to include it here. If you’re curious, you can see it at about minute twenty-eight of the movie (28:45).

We are, however, treated to a dandy of a secret room. As Sherlock investigates the murder of a man in his bathtub he discovers a secret passageway and subsequent hidden room that’s accessed through a secret door hidden in the wall. The door is opened with a clever (albeit rather poorly concealed) piece of wooden trim that adornes the wall. There also appears to be a series of intricate mechanical operations that occur after triggering the latch that move the door into a position to be swung open.




bathroom hallway latch movie secret room wall entrance wood trim